Journée Typiquement Française

Today was literally a movie montage from a bad american movie about Paris. Not because what I did was bad, but because every step of the way I kept asking myself if the stereotypes really could be that real.

I woke up and ate a croissant with jam and drank coffee and juice. My host mother, A, took me to the Latin Quarter to her favorite Sunday market. There weren’t really outdoor vendors so much as the stores set up a bit outside and people know to come. We went to a fromagerie, a boulangerie, a boucherie, a chocolaterie, and in between all of that we stopped to watch an old man play an accordion while wearing a beret and singing. I literally said to A that it was like we were in a movie.

We had a nice picnic in the park with fresh cheese, bread, greek salad and shrimp. We also had macarons because while I had turned down cake after we bought chocolate, when we passed by a macaron shop, I couldn’t say no to them!

After lunch my host mother and I decided to head to l’île de la Cité to see Notre Dame. We got a little side tracked and saw Sainte-Chapelle first because apparently there’s always a line but today there wasn’t. I even got in for free because I had a copy of my student visa on me! Thanks, french taxpayers! We had a quiet dinner at home and now I’m falling asleep at 10:30.

Apparently this blog has already turned into a blow-by-blow, but I felt likeI had to share this most French day with you all. Orientation begins in earnest tomorrow, so it’s like I have first day jitters even though we don’t really have classes yet? It’s really bizarre. I imagine my next post will have some more substance and not so much a “daily journal” feel to it.

Song of the Day: Electric Feel by MGMT

3 thoughts on “Journée Typiquement Française

  1. Hi, Mairead!
    Just to let you know I don’t mind the “blow-by-blow/daily journal”. I loved hearing about the stereotypical French things AND that you could actually communicate the fact that it was like being in a movie!

    I remember being in awe inside Sainte Chapelle. The day I was there was a sunny summer day (about 25 years ago!!) and the colors streaming in from the stained glass were amazing- on everything. I don’t have a great memory but THAT has stuck vividly in my mind…and to think, you got to do it for free!! 🙂

    Best of luck on Monday, or should I say bon chance (sp?)?!
    Aunt K

    PS Does your host mom have children? About how old is she?

  2. Hi Mairead
    I appreciate your “blow by blow” narrative. It helps me to recall some experiences I’ve had in Europe when I was the “Nanny” on the Jamies’ concert choir trips. Please keep including the “daily experiences” as often as you can.
    Good luck with your new classes. Some classmates will think you are so lucky to be able to be a “sister” in their French classes and will interested in your viewpoints, since you are an American.

    I can almost smell some of those shops you passed today!

    Peace and prayers

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