Quelques Premières

Today I had a few firsts/milestones that I thought were worth noting.

I was signing some more bank documents (the fun never ends with me) and the lady from the bank gave me a copy. I cracked a joke about how I could read it every night before bed for fun. It was the first sarcasm that I think actually made it across in French.

On our way to lunch I was talking with another Smith student about how I like it to be overcast because it tends to be cooler and you don’t need sunglasses. Some frenchman piped in and we had a little back and forth about how the weather is better without direct sun. It was the first non-forced interaction with an adult French person (aka not me ordering food or my host family or professors).

I came up with my first pun in French today too. It is super bad (aka it is an amazing pun), and I wasn’t able to use it because it came to me in the shower, and it is very situationally dependent, but I’m happy none the less. Basically it’d have to happen when I was eating/holding fruit, and someone would have to say “tu as raison” (basically “yeah, you’re right” or “you have a point”) and I’d need to say “non, j’ai de (insert name of fruit here)” because “raison” sounds very similar l to “raisin”, the word for grape. Is it bad? Horrendous. But man do I love puns.

Song of the Day: Torgny by Zacke

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  1. You are settling in “just fine” when you can be comfortable with yourself, as this blog implies to me!

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